Famous for its extraordinary architectural heritage and its unique atmosphere, Marrakech continues to make of all kind tourists and travelers dream.

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Whether you travel on your own or on a tour, with a low cost flight or through an all-inclusive stay, Marrakech is a very easily accessible destination for those who want to visit the city for few days or several weeks, or just to go around Morocco

Marrakesh stands above all for its medina, one of the most beautiful and most exciting ever. In the heart of the medina, Djema el Fna square, nerve center and symbol of the city, brings together an activity where the traditional and folk tend to join together. All around, encircled by its ramparts, extends the medina, a real labyrinth where one will be happy to get lost.

The enclosure is full of sites to discover: several remarkable monuments such as the Koutoubia Mosque, the Ben Youssef Madrasa or the Bahia Palace, testimony of the historical dimension of Marrakech. But the most complete change of scenery takes place in the souks, organized by neighborhoods and professions. An experience in its own where colors and scents mix up together.



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