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Players on each team must wear the regular football uniform with soccer jerseys, shorts, socks and shoes.The crampons must be regulatory. It is strictly forbidden to wear metal cleats on the day of the Tournament, only molded or plastic cleats are allowed. The sporting regulations for the sports tournament are those of FIFA with the following modifications: 

Each team consists of 10 players minimum and 14 players maximum

• Each team on the field must present 6 field + 1 goal 
• tackles are not allowed 
• No age limit for the goalkeeper for the veteran category  
• All matches will be played simultaneously and the time will be managed by the official table (no game stop, 2 balls per field). 
• Replacements during the match are unlimited and may occur at any time, during any game situation. 
• A player warned by a yellow card must exit automatically for 3 minutes and can be replaced. 
• A player warned by a red card (for dangerous behavior or improper attitude) will be immediately expelled from the match and will be permanently excluded from the tournament. 
• A team with violent, disrespectful, indecent behavior towards the referee, the opponents and / or the tournament director will be automatically excluded from the tournament by the organizing committee without reimbursement of participation fees. 
• The leader of each team is responsible for the behavior of his players. Any act of violence will be severely repressed. 
• The referee will be the only person on the ground able to whistle the keys, fouls, free-kicks, penalties etc. ... Please help him in his task and above all respect his decisions.

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